Both you & your partner must register and send connection request to each other with phone numbers. Between server will connect your accounts when matching requests are received within 24 hours of each other. Only 1 account can be connected to an account at a time.

  1. After registration, enter both numbers correctly and press Connect
  2. If you are still waiting after both of you have sent request to each other, check if you & your partner are in agreement about the phone numbers(incl country code).
  3. If the numbers are correct, please try refreshing the request, or cancel and try again. 
If connection doesn't happen after the above steps, please send you and your partner's email address registered to Between as well as your phone numbers (including country code), and we will be look into the issue.

Contact via Mail

If your partner can log in, you have registered or logged in with a different email address. 

Please log out and check your Between ID on your partner's Between app under More > Profile. Then, select Sign in instead of Register to log in with your original ID.

Do not ask your partner to disconnect during this process.

You can disconnect from partner on your Between app under More > Profile > Disconnect from partner.

How to use Disconnect 

  1. Disconnect is possible without your partner's consent, but please do not use this function lightly. 
  2. Your data will be preserved on server for a 30-day grace period, after which everything will be deleted 
  3. You can restore your data if both of you request connection again from the same IDs within 30 days. Please check you & your partner's Between IDs before disconnecting. 
If you wish to delete your records permanently, you can do so after disconnecting by going to Support page > Account > Delete account  and typing in your Between ID & password. Please consider carefully before deleting account. It will erase all data permanently and registering again with the same email address will not restore this data.

You can reconnect & restore your previous data if both of you request connection using previously connected IDs. 

How to reconnect & restore

  1. If you are connected to a different account, you must disconnect first. Only 1 account can be connected to an account at a time.
  2. Both of you must log in with previous IDs that have been connected to each other. If either of you log in with a different ID, or register again after deleting account, previous connection cannot be verified. 
  3. After logging in, please send connection request to each other by entering phone numbers correctly. Between server will connect your accounts & verify previous connection when matching requests are received within 24 hours of each other.
  4. Once you have reconnected with correct accounts, you will see option to restore or clear previous data. Select Restore to restore all data; selecting Clear will delete all data permanently. 
I reconnected with my partner, but I can't restore my data. 

There can be 3 reasons if data is not restored after reconnecting:

  • At least one of you have reconnected with ID that was not previously connected.
  • You or your partner pressed Clear instead of Restore after reconnecting
  • It has been more than 30 days since disconnection
If the above doesn't apply to you, please send us an email with you & your partner's Between ID (email address) and we will look into it.

Contact via Mail

You can record & keep track of Special Days on Between.

How to record Special Days

  • Home > Special Days (bottom center box) > Add a Special Day, or 
  • Calendar > Calendar > '+' button > Special Days 
Please note options such as 'Count this day as first day' & 'Repeat' when saving Special Days. Special Days set to repeat annually will show count of days left until returning day. Turn ON 'Display on Home screen' to show important dates on Home.

In order to set location on Between, you must turn on Location Services on your device first. 

Search by city to save location manually. You can choose to update location automatically by turning on Auto-location. Your city will be updated when you open Between again.

※You can only set location for your device, and your partner will see your location updates on Between. Some error may occur in location & weather info depending on device and time lag between updates. We recommend re-booting your device if location is especially unstable. 

Memory box is the bottom left box on your Home screen and you can collect your favorite Moments here. Tap on the red star on the bottom right side of photos & notes saved in Moments to collect.

You can see special offers & promotions for Between couples prepared by Between in the Event Box. 

Event Box is open in a few select countries at the moment. You will be notified with 'New' badge when an event is live. Please stay tuned for more news from us!

<< Finding ID >>
Between ID is the email address used to register to Between. You can check your ID on you or your partner's Between app under More > Profile.

Between admin cannot search for your ID using information other than email address (e.g. phone number or birthdays).

<< Finding password >>
Go to reset password 

<< If you remember password >>
Go change ID 

<< If you don't remember password >>
We need your partner's approval to change your Between ID. Please send us below information so that we can send the approval request to your partner.

  • Current ID : ??
  • New ID : ?? (must be able to receive email )
  • Partner's ID : ?? (must be able to receive email )
**If your partner's ID is also an invalid email address, please change the ID before making the request. 

Contact via Mail

You must register & confirm a valid email address as your Between ID in order to receive account-related support and back up data correctly. Click on the URL link sent with the welcome email at registration. 

If the link has expired (3 hour limit), go to More tab on your Between app and click on the green banner to request URL link again. Once confirmation is complete, banner will disappear.

Between stores all data on servers together with ID. If you change device, please download Between again and log in with your ID to restore all data and resume connection. You don't have to connect again.

On your previous device, you can simply log out to close access to your data. Please do not use Disconnect in this case.

Go to Chat > top right hand arrow > Settings > Export Messages to send your chat history via email

Chat history will be sent in .txt format and will not include photos, stickers, and voice messages. You must confirm your Between account before using Export Message 

How do I confirm my ID? 

Deleted messages can not be restored. Please check before editing conversation history.

Sent messages cannot be canceled or deleted from your partner's app

You can edit conversation only on your chat screen by going to Chat > top right side arrows > Edit. Changes made to conversation history will apply only to your phone, and messages will remain on your partner's phone.

Red exclamation mark will show next to a text that failed to send. Tap on the red exclamation mark to re-send or delete text.

Heart will appear next to a a text that is successfully sent, and will disappear when your partner reads the message. Please note that heart may disappear even if partner has not seen message on certain devices.

Tap the '+' button from the message input line to display a popup menu and tap Audio Message. You can record voice messages for 1~60 seconds.

If you want to turn on Walkie-talkie mode, go to Chat > top right hand arrow > Settings > Turn on Walkie-Takie mode. You can tap and hold the HOLD TO TALK button to record, and release to send audio message.

Please check your network environment when chat is slow/not working.

If it doesn't work despite strong signal, please switch to 3G/4G or wi-fi network and tap the red exclamation next to the text to re-send.

Some email domains may not accept automated emails from Between.

If you are not getting our emails even after checking spam box, we recommend changing your Between ID to a different email address. 

How to send video in Chat (length is limited to 10 seconds)

  • Chat > ‘+’ button > Camera > Video, or
  • Chat > ‘+’ button > Video > Choose existing video from device

You can download videos sent through Chat to your device by tapping on the export button on the bottom left corner of the video play view.  You can also save them in Moments by tapping on the '+' button on the bottom right corner. 

Photos uploaded to Moments are automatically arranged into albums by date photo was taken or downloaded.

How to create album

  • Go to Moments > '+' button > Upload from Album and choose photos to upload (max 15 per upload). You can add or edit a title for the album.
  • If you want to upload photos from multiple dates in 1 album, please check Upload to single date option at the bottom after choosing photos.
  • To move uploaded photos to a different album, tap on the individual photo and click the More button at the bottom right hand corner to save to a different date. You can only edit photos that you have uploaded.

Select the album you want to edit, and tap on the pencil icon at the top right hand corner of main photo to edit title/ main photo. 

To add photos to existing albums, please check the date of the album you want to add to. Then, you can select photo to add and check Upload to a single date and choose that date to save photo to that album.

You can only edit photos & memos that you have uploaded. Tap on the individual photo you wish to edit an click the More button at the bottom right hand corner to delete or save to a different date.

How to upload video to Moments (length is limited to 10 seconds)

  • Moments > ‘+’ button > Camera > Video, or
  • Moments >  ‘+’ button > Choose a video

You can bookmark uploaded videos to Memory Box.

Your partner will be alerted when Events & Special Days are added to Calendar, and will be able to see the addition. You can change alert setting to designate which user should receive alarm before start time.

How to add Event: Calendar > '+' button > Event

  • You can record & share daily events with your partner such as 'Exams' and 'Vacation'. 
  • You can set start/end time and repeat settings freely 

How to add Special Day: Calendar > '+' button > Special Day or Home > Special Days (bottom center box) > Add Special Days
  • You can keep track of important dates in your relationship such as 'Day we first met' and 'Partner's birthday'. 
  • Special days are collected in the Special Day box on Home tab where you can count days passed since. (Repeated dates will show days left till upcoming day) 
  • Special days are limited to all-day events. Repeat can be set off or on annually. 
  • Categorize your dates to receive special messages from Between on that day.

If you are not getting notifications from your partner, please check the below solutions

  • Check your Alert Settings on Between : More > Settings > Alert Settings
  • (For iOS) : Device Settings > Notification Center > Turn ON all options for Between
  • (For Android) : Device Settings > Data usage > Turn ON Auto-sync with your Google account
If it doesn't work, please check if you are using Between version 2.3.0 or higher, and try loggng out & logging in again. This will re-register your device to start receiving notifications again.

Please check the sound settings on your device, and go to More > Settings > Alert Settings to make sure your alert settings on Between are turned ON.

Due to Google Play & App Store policies, purchased stickers will be available only to the buyer. Your partner will have to buy the set separately.

Go to More > Settings > Purchase history. Select the set you wish to download again and click Download.

If the set is not there, please click the Restore button so that Between can retrieve your purchase history.

Purchase history is saved with your Between ID, so that you can continue using stickers on your new device. Please log in with your Between ID and go to More tab > Settings > Purchase History and tap Restore.

Regarding multiple charges for same item, you will have to contact Google Play / iTunes Customer Support as sticker sets are sold through their in-app purchase system. 

We are very sorry we could not assist you better on this issue.

All data shared between 2 accounts are encrypted and stored securely on our servers. No one else can access this data.

Do not share your Between ID & password with 3rd parties.

Please reset your password as soon as possible. Your account will be automatically logged out from all devices so that data shared on Between is protected from other people.

On a browser, please go to our Support page > Account > Find my password  to reset your password.

We support multi-device usage, so you can log in with the same ID on multiple devices at the same time.However, you will only receive push notification on the latest device used to log in to Between.

So if you are using Between on multiple devices, please log out & log in on the device where you wish to receive push notification.

Between stores all data on servers and identifies users with ID. You can continue using Between as before even if you change phone numbers. It will not affect the data you share with your partner.

You can update your new phone number on your partner's Between app. On the Home tab, select your profile to open profile card and tap the pencil icon to edit your phone number.

Between is available anywhere in the world, as long as you can connect to a 3G or Wi-Fi network.

You can use the service for free over Wi-Fi, but you may be charged for data roaming if on a 3G network. Please check with your carrier before using Between on data networks overseas.

Getting a new phone or changing SIM card will not affect your data. Please download Between again on your new phone and log in with your Between ID to resume where you left off.

Once you register, you will be prompted to input phone numbers for you & your partner. You can enter a non-existant phone number(no verification required) as long as you and your partner input the same numbers for each other. Between server will recognize the matching numbers and make the connection.

Once you are connected, phone numbers will be used whenever you call each other from Between. Charges will apply according to your plan with your carrier for voice calls.

What happens if I change my phone number? 

Deleting the app does not affect account. Therefore, you will not know if your partner deleted the app. There is no notification, and you can continue to use Between as before. 

If your partner disconnects from you, you will lose access to the data you’ve shared on Between and will be taken to the connection screen.

'Login with Facebook' allows users who have already linked their Between ID to their Facebook ID to log in more easily to Between. 

You can link your Between ID under 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Social networks'. Between does not post to Facebook without user permission, and your activity on Between will not be shared on Facebook. 

'Access device info' is available under 'More' > 'Setting' and shows a list of devices from which your account is logged in to Between.

1) Enable login alert : Receive notification whenever your account is used to log into another device. 

2) This device : Current device info.

3) Other devices : Other devices from which your account is logged in to Between. You can log out from those devices remotely by tapping 'Disconnect'

'Passcode is a 4-digit number required to unlock Between.

If you forgot your passcode, you can reinstall and log in to Between. Lock setting will be initialized.